Monday, January 4, 2010

I can handle school, but can I handle work?

I am really looking forward to classes, after the first day I think that I will enjoy them for the most part. I am a little worried about my Molecular Biology class though. The homework has to be done in groups. I hate group things because my schedule isn’t the easiest thing to work with. I can do it by myself, but I lose points for not doing it in a group. We’ll see what happens with that. Mission Prep will be fun, I am a little sad that we aren’t using Preach my gospel as the text like they used to, but I am excited none the less. Robby (my cousin) is in that class with me, although I bet I won’t get to talk to him much he seems to always have  a crowd around him. Good for him, way to be social.

Now work is what is going to kill me. I do so much more work than everyone around me. I hate it! I wish I was one of those nonobservant types, then I would never know how unfair things are. Oh well, I am hoping to be able to get a job at the hospital after this semester. I can stick it out for another couple of months.

My days really aren’t very eventful, but I did hear a funny story so I thought that I would share.

I guess the other day this lady called into Target just absolutely sobbing. The person who answered the phone passed it on to the Guest Service Team Lead who was trying to figure out what had happened to make the lady so upset. She kept telling them, “I need you to check this wedding registry for me”, “I need you to make sure that it is correct” Of course there isn’t a way to see if it is correct because different people register for different things. By now the lady is freaking out so much and the GSTL didn’t know what the problem was. She then started to explain herself, “My daughter is supposed to be getting married in the temple, and there are diapers on her registry. I need you to check if this is correct. She is supposed to be getting married in the temple. How could she do this, will you please make sure it is right?”… Nice way to find out your daughter is pregnant… Of course target would be the first place I would call too if I thought my daughter was pregnant.


  1. Too funny abut the diapers. I can't even immagine what woud happen if Mom (grandma for you) found something out like that.

  2. so fun that you have a class with robby! start crowding around him like you're one of his groupies.

    it's so great to have you blogging still. glad you got through your day ok.

    what do you want to be doing in a hospital?

  3. and, seriously, why is matt commenting everywhere but my blog? :)

  4. you're not the only one who doesn't get comments from matt.