Friday, January 15, 2010

Poor Kelci…

She had to get her wisdom teeth taken out today. Luckily me and her only have our upper ones, the bottom never grew in. I am supposed to be getting mine out soon, but I haven’t called to schedule it. Ewww, I don’t want to get mine taken out. Kelci said she could feel presure, and then she could hear things cracking. When I get mine out, I am definitely going to have to be put under. I can deal with blood, but I don’t like the harshness of dealing with bones and teeth. So orthopedic surgery is off my list of specialties. I will probably wait for a while to get mine out, it isn’t like they are doing anything, they are just sitting there. All the of dentist I have been to before the one I am going to right now have told me that I don’t have to worry about my wisdom teeth. Kelci is just miserable, now that the numbness is going away. There isn’t really anything that I can do for her. I told her I would sit with her and watch a movie or something. Plus I hope that the Tylenol PM kicks in soon so she can get some sleep tonight.


  1. I only had two upper wisdom teeth. One of them randomly grows through the gum for a while and then disappears again. Finally, this past summer I had the one taken out. It wasn't too bad....just bugged me to have a hole there and my tongue wouldn't leave it alone. Weird!

  2. i HATE pain.
    luckily, getting my wisdom teeth out wasn't bad. i don't think i even took pain pills after the first day.
    hope she feels better.

    go buy her a smoothie!!

  3. It's not too bad if you're put under. The worst part for me was not being able to drink without drooling on myself while my mouth was still numb! But I don't even remember the first day except for that. It's really not bad :)