Monday, January 18, 2010

It’s her Birthday…

Amy gives a fresh new perspective on life. With a crazy schedule and a house full of kids her life is never at a stand still. She has a talent for showing her followers a glimpse of her life. Letting her readers experience a wide range of emotions, sadness, happiness, and laughter with her. Her personality is shown through her witty and fun way of telling her stories. She has a sense of humor that is hilarious although others (apparently) may find it offensive. She has a house full of children, and yet she still wants more. She is a fabulous mother,  sister, friend, aunt, and wife, and she cares about others. She is dedicated to sharing her life with people through her writing. Amy knows exactly who she is, and she is okay with herself. She is someone that many look up to, her optimistic outlook on life, her love for her family, and her sense of humor are just a few of the traits we all love about her.  Her blog is a must read, entertaining, and full of surprises. Check it out.



I hope that you have had a great Birthday! I love being able to get to know you and your family better through your blog. I love that you take the time to read and comment on my blog. It is one of those things I look forward to, it keeps me writing. Thanks for letting me get to know you better (even if it’s only through your blog) and for keeping up with what is happening in my life. I love you, and Happy Birthday.

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  1. Amber-
    thank you! this was a wonderful surprise. it has added to my wonderful day. thank you! i'm so glad you are still blogging. i have really enjoyed getting to know you, too.
    maybe you can move out here with brooke?