Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday is a special day

Saturdays are my favorite day of the week. Here’s why;

  1. I don’t have school
  2. I don’t have work
  3. I can sleep in if I really want to
  4. I can do laundry, there’s nothing like having clean clothes
  5. I can get all my homework done
  6. I can relax, and watch TV
  7. I can get everything cleaned up
  8. I can not put make up on
  9. I don’t have to shower and do my hair
  10. I can stay in pajamas all day
  11. I can get ready for Sunday
  12. I can go to bed early

Today was a GREAT day. I finished up my paper that is due next week, I got another 100% on a Molecular Biology quiz, I finished my math that is due on Tuesday, and I even managed to watch a little Veronica Mars. I also got a hair cut… I didn’t take a before photo, but I will have to take some pictures of myself tomorrow (after I get ready). My family doesn’t think there is much of a difference, but I cut off about 3 inches and I definitely can feel the difference. I like this whole not doing homework on Sundays thing… Now tomorrow will be easy.

1 comment:

  1. i hope your sunday is as easy and enjoyable as you were hoping. :)