Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Semester Here I Come…

It’s hard to believe that I have to go back to school tomorrow. I am pretty excited. I actually enjoy going to school, it’s the missing out on a social life because I have to study that I don’t really like. This semester I am going to take it pretty easy. Calculus, Molecular Biology, Mission Prep.

I need a religion credit, and I think that mission prep would be a good class, whether or not I am planning on going on a mission. I want to gain a better understanding of the gospel as a whole, and we will be using the preach my gospel through out the semester.  Plus the professor that I have is known to be the best religion teacher at BYU. Randy Botts, I haven’t taken any classes from him so far, but I have had roommates that have. They said that he is AMAZING. I am really looking forward to his class, and I hope to gain a better knowledge of the basic gospel principles.

Calculus… I was enrolled in this class last semester, but then I got sick for a week, and got way behind so I dropped the class. I am pretty sure that I had swine flu. If you haven’t ever gotten a week behind in a College level math class then you don’t understand how impossible it is to catch up. The good news is I know most of the material, and so the class should be much easier the second time around. (At least the first part of the class will be easy)

Molecular Biology is going to be interesting. It is required for my current major, which is Physiology and Developmental Biology. I went into the advisement center the other day and they tried to convince me to change my major to Microbiology. I really like the anatomy part of the major I am in right now. But if I switch to Micro then I will have more opportunities to get in to a research lab. I will finish this semester and then maybe I will consider switching my major if I enjoy this class.

9 credits… that isn’t too bad. I can handle 9 credits and work at the same time. When I start doing the stuff to get my MA then my life might get a little more complicated.


  1. impressive. three days in a row. you better not be getting my hopes up. good luck with the new semester. sometimes i think i miss college. and then i remember that i don't =).

  2. hilarious that your "taking it easy" semester includes both calculus and molecular biology. nice job taking it easy. although, i guess those are both classes that would nice to take when you have the time to focus on them.

    i think you'll love your preach the gospel manual for mission prep. i always wished i'd taken some kind of general gospel knowledge class like that at BYU. i'm glad you're taking advantage of BYU's unique environment.

    i hope your lighter semester is just what you need to feel balance in your life. good luck!

  3. You have to watch out when you start throwing around "taking it easy" in college with your family. With the boys that's code for "I think I'll drop out." ;-)

    Good luck on the "lightened" load. Any form of bio was never my gig. Throw in a physics class, or 2, though, and I'm right there with you.

  4. Hey, don't know if bro. bott teaches more than 1 mission prep class, but Robby has him this semester too. I've heard he is the highest rated professor by the students at BYU.

    Robby and ryan take biology this semester. Maybe they'll need a tutor????